About My Birthing Kit

Kim Young - Clinical hypnotherapist

My Birthing Kit was created by Kim Young, founder of Beautifully Born, clinical hypnotherapist, former HypnoBirthing educator, HypnoBirthing educator trainer, and mother of two.

Kim gave up her career as a research scientist and became a HypnoBirthing educator in 2008 after a life-changing birth experience of her own. Kim brought HypnoBirthing to South Africa in 2009 and to date has taught over 1200 mothers and 60 new practitioners.

Over the years Kim found that she needed to adapt her courses and include more content, but HypnoBirthing restricted that growth.

The idea of My Birthing Kit formed in 2019, after watching countless talented practitioners resign from teaching HypnoBirthing due to the costs and restrictions involved.

In 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19, courses evolved from in-person classes to online classes, and the information and course content was suddenly available to more pregnant moms globally without the need for expensive hard-copy materials and other unnecessary costs and limitations.

My Birthing Kit is the evolution of Kim’s desire to continue teaching pregnant moms how to have the best possible birth experience whether by natural or Caesarean birth, and to teach as many practitioners as possible around the world how to deliver the My Birthing Kit program as practitioners.

The growing team of My Birthing Kit practitioners all have the same vision: to help you prepare and support you for your best birth experience possible.