Become a Practitioner

If you have a passion for pregnancy and birth and would like to empower women to have a better birth experience, then please get in touch and join our team!

My Birthing Kit practitioner training is open to anyone with a birthing background (Midwife/Doula), hypnotherapists, health professionals and mothers that have used mindful tools for their own birth.

Training runs over four consecutive days covering Foundation in Hypnosis and the My Birthing Kit syllabus. Those without a background in birth will be required to complete an additional home study module called Foundation in Pregnancy and Birth.

Once training is complete and your question papers have been submitted and marked, you are ready to start teaching pregnant mothers!

You’ll be able to set up and teach your own classes, set your own prices and class schedules and help pregnant moms achieve their best births possible.

My Birthing Kit training courses typically run four times a year, so contact Kim to be added to the training mailing list so that you don’t miss the next one!