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Tools and resources for your best possible pregnancy and birth experience.

My Birthing Kit provides pregnant moms with Hypnobirthing tools to manage your birth so that you can achieve the best birth experience possible, whether natural birth, VBAC or C-Section.

About My Birthing Kit

My Birthing Kit was created by Kim Young, clinical hypnotherapist, former HypnoBirthing educator, HypnoBirthing educator trainer, and mother of two. 

My Birthing Kit gives pregnant moms Hypnobirthing and other tools and resources to take control of your birth experience, whether your birth choice is natural, C-Section or VBAC.


The experience was one of the most exhilarating, emotional, extreme and beautiful experiences of my entire life! Sean was the most amazing birthing companion and never for a second letting us waiver from the plan even though he has since admitted that he had some doubts at times, I never once felt that from him! Thank you to you and the tools for allowing me the chance to work for the birth that I wanted! It’s was just magical
First Time Mom
Thank you so much for the hypnobirthing knowledge. It helped so much and was what carried me through and brought my perfect girl earth-side.
(Water home birth with no complications) - First Time Mom
Our princess was caught by a very shell shocked husband! So thank you, thank you, I was actually listening to my relaxation at the time (I wasn't entirely convinced it was working and then boom she was here) It was incredible, amazing and completely manageable
4th Time Mom
She is so loved and adored by our whole family. It was an incredible home birth with an amazing support team. 3.5 hour birth she weighed 3,85kg.
3rd Time Mom
My Birthing experience was incredible and I am shocking people with how my birth went. I couldn't recommend it more, every woman should know about these techniques to keep them calm through labour as well as the lead up to the birth. Many people said because I had a big baby I would need to have a C-section and I kept telling myself "My body won't grow a baby that I cannot birth. "Thank you again for your course! It was amazing!
1st Time Mom
Your course helped us tremendously
1st time mom
After my two very traumatic previous births, this birth was healing beyond anything I had, or could have wished for. It was the most magical, mystical empowering experience of my life. I don't have enough words of thanks for what you do and how I wish I could tell every pregnant mom how powerful and capable they are, and how manageable and magical birth can be. Doing your course and having our baby at home were the two best decisions I could ever have made
3rd Time Mom
I went through labour with the thought ‘my body knows exactly how to birth my baby, and all I did was breathe the baby out’” “It was a perfect birthing experience Kim and I have your course to thank for that! I will definitely recommend your course to all my similar minded friends
1st Time Mom
We are so grateful for the opportunity to have taken your course virtually - had it not been for lockdown, our birthing preparation and experience might have been completely different.
(baby born within 3 hours of arriving at hospital)
Thank you for the course. I felt like it kept me really calm even with the special circumstances.
(Partial placenta abruption at 37 weeks)
Through Kim’s course I was able to let go of some of my fears ahead of my second birth, allowing me to fully connect with my baby and body. Throughout a 10-day prodromal labour, my waters breaking and a very quick 2.5 hours of active labour, I was in a calm, relaxed space that set the stage for another medication free birth. Thank you Kim, you and your course are magic
2nd Time Mom
What a privilege to have been able to train with Kim. Not only does she present all of the fascinating course content with passion and insight, but she inspires her practitioners to go forth and change how mothers birth their babies. Kim's course gave me all the tools I needed to empower moms to have the best possible birth experience.  Presenting this course gives me a sense of purpose as I witness how moms discover their power and change fear (for birth) into excitement. Such an exciting time for birth! Thanks Kim.

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